Feathers and Muses


I’ve been wanting to write about this for some time now, but…feathers have been appearing around me for the past month or two. I think the second post of this blog is when I spotted the first feather I saw; a pure white feather. I cannot remember what I identified it as with The Feather Atlas online, but I believe it was a tern or some kind of water bird. I felt at peace at the time of finding the feather, and I have kept the past few that I have found. At times when I’m with others or in a hurry, I don’t pick it up or I’m asked to put it back by my parents, saying it could carry something. I have a few of the feathers with me.

The last one that I passed by while having inspiration for some lyrics that I wrote down today was identified as an American robin. Gray that turns into white at the bottom and the quill part of the feather. It’s solid gray, and no special markings. Unfortunately, that one and the wren feather I saw two weeks ago (white with small gray stripes; it’s a fledgling) I was not able to put in my feather folder. Yes I have a feather folder, sue me 😛

I’ve been paying attention to these small details. Maybe it’s a sign from a guardian angel or that I have the birds keeping an eye on me, who knows, The feathers remind me to enjoy the little things in life and to keep my eyes open. They are my muses.

And yes, I am writing poetry again! Yay! I’ve been feeling like a zombie the past few weeks and I finally was able to get a decent poem out. My friends are checking over the poem, helping me edit what they think could be improved upon, because I may or may not turn it into a song? We’ll find out. I would like to publish a novel someday, yes, but I’d also like to to produce a CD that has meaningful lyrics.

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong generation, that the 60’s could have served me better with their taste in music (Queen, Sinatra, The Beatles, and Earth, Wind and Fire, to name a few). But then again, maybe I was born in the right generation. So much music on the radio these days have meaningless songs. I crave depth and tenderness in my music, not auto-tune and the same 3-4 chords played over and over for an hour over 10 different songs and too many commercials.


Until next week, keep on! Chao 🙂


Hope Whispers



That link is one of the things that has been getting me through the week. A hug from my sister. A cuddle from Primrose, my cat, in the middle of the night. Being able to get a second job at my local animal shelter. Despite my uphill battle with depression, I know there’s hope.

I always feel tired. My sleep cycle is out of sorts. My eating habits can be like a rabbit one day, a starving dog the next. I’m irritable with family and lonely in a crowded room of people I know. But most of all, I feel the sadness within my bones, aching and seeping life out of me when I least expect it.

For those that have depression, know that there is hope. Even if there are a million bad things going on, know this: one good thing, whether it is a smile or getting a text message or seeing a funny cat video, there is ALWAYS at least ONE good thing that will happen every day to you.

For those that don’t have depression, but is close to someone who does; hug them. Be that beacon of hope. You may be their only light source in a world of darkness.

Take care everyone.

Technology: A Blessing and a Curse


Oh, technology.
How wonderful it is, allowing me to write these words effortlessly and have my words be transferred into binary code, only to appear again on a lit-up screen for you to see. It helps send my thoughts faster than word-of-mouth or any way I could send it on my own physically.

Yet, it can give us problems, from slow start-ups to refusing to refresh to even shutting down just before we hit that crucial save button.
My technology issue today? Unable to get headphones to be shown on my laptop. On the plus side, I learned a little more about my laptop and how it exactly works today, thanks to two of my closest friends (who also are interested in working with technology as a career).
I was also able to update my resume today while I’m at work. YAY!

Update on my story: getting more notes and details down. Did you know most authors write out each scene’s main ideas and crucial plot points out before even writing down anything in the first draft? We have to have many, many, edits before even deciding to write the first sentence or “once upon a time…” set up.

On a final note, if you ever have sleeping issues, sleep on a different side of your mattress. I did that last night…slept for 7 hours straight for the first time in months.

Different perspective, different results. Simple as that. Until next week, chao! 🙂

P.S.-My cat is as cuddly as ever, for my weekly Primrose update. =(^.^)=

Independence Day


Happy Independence Day everyone!

This holiday is when Primrose, my cat, and I will be hiding under the covers snuggling. We both are not huge fans of loud noises (bad thunder storms included). Now don’t get me wrong, I do love fireworks shows, just not the noise that is accompanied with the fiery explosions.

For the irony of it, I wore a Great Britain flag t-shirt today. Hey, it was red, white, and blue! Several people got laughs out of it. So long as it made others think, I did my job correctly. I always want others to think critically, and even if that meant wearing the wrong flag on my country’s day of saying “hey, we can think for ourselves!” from them. Today I achieved that. Also, I hung out with one friend I haven’t seen in almost two years, and I am glad I did. You always find people who you connect with in the least likely places.

On a final note, I have some ideas for a novel. Absurdism may be the genre, but I think this could definitely count as a novel, and not as a short story. Let’s just say a girl wakes up with no memory, and the nurses tell her she’s been in a coma for a month. They want her to remember her own name, but give her one of the letters from her name to help. The letter is “R”; she picks the name “Renee”. Hopefully that intrigues some imaginations.
Enjoy your BBQ, cook-outs, and picnics with family and friends, everyone! Chao. 🙂