Morning Coffee


Happy Friday everyone!

Nothing really gets me kicked-started in the morning like a nice cup of coffee. Personally, I’m a mocha frappuccino or chai tea latte kind of girl, but coffee seems to be a given for any liberal arts major or writer. Anyways, before I walked to my university’s Starbucks (one of my favorite and beloved places on campus) I saw a white feather outside of the library in my path.

I think it could be a dove feather, due to the size and shape. There were no markings other than it being white and the crest of the feather being slightly rounded rather than pointed (making it a wing feather). Put simply from research on its meaning, a dove feather is a symbol of motherhood.

It’s sort of ironic that these feathers are showing up more and more as time goes on, but I take it with grace and realize that it’s just an angel or spirit acknowledging me and my thoughts. The thought in question that I had when the feather was at my feet was me pondering on childhood trains of thoughts. I thought to myself as a kid: “I want to take the toxic fumes and turn them into air fresheners”. It seems silly, but then I really starting thinking, “is there a few chemicals that will change the toxicity into something safe and beneficial for the environment?” I think the angel that dropped the feather was acknowledging my creative thinking.

Coffee=kick-starter of day+drink for musing. A beautiful equation.
Chao 🙂


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