New Beginnings


Hey everyone!

Sorry for not posting anything on Friday…I was training all day and I’ve been crazy busy with getting stuff ready for a new semester! I just started classes for my second year today. 🙂 A lot of old faces mingled in with the new; some professors I have had, most I have not had. Many friends (or perhaps more correlated with the term known as “classmates”) with similar majors of mine have a class with me this semester. It’s nice to lean back on old people.

I’ve noticed my days are getting brighter. My medication is helping. One thing I’ve found very helpful is having outlets to focus my energy on. These outlets include snuggling Primrose (and the newest addition, the little kitten named Houdini <3), coming up with musical melodies and lines of poetry, and quite recently, yoga. I’m actually starting out three of my five mornings with yoga, so it’s going to be a great motivator to get myself out of bed. Another help is just talking. I’ve had my days of near silence and disconnection to the world, yes, but sometimes it happens because of negative influences in my life that I’m trying to hide from, and that I like to think introspectively. My boyfriend and one or two of my other real friends have helped me tremendously with getting through the summer. So if you’re reading this, then thank you so much. I feel appreciated and loved because of you guys. ❤

So for those that are either starting a new year, starting a new job or just returning to an old routine, remember that we are at a turn of a season if nothing else! There doesn’t always have to be a reason of change to change for yourself. It’s through self-motivation and emotional support that positive change is possible.

Take care everyone! Chao 🙂


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