And the World Keeps Rolling On


Ah, the day after Labor Day. The day that many students grudgingly crawl back to textbooks and studying on. The day where white is no longer “fashionably” acceptable in public. T’is the precipice of autumn rolling around; I feel it in the air as the leaves become a duller green and as I’m munching on my pumpkin muffin as I write this sentence down (as well as drink some coffee). I know what you’re thinking: “poor little first-world girl”, “woe-is-her for having to go back to class!” et cetera, et cetera. 

Poor little kitten is what you all should be thinking. I had to send Houdini (the new little guy) off to get his manhood snipped off. By tomorrow he may hate me. Primrose is crying as we speak, I assume. I don’t know; I’m in a well-furnished coffeehouse atm. (The true writer’s setting, ahahaha *pushes up glasses rhetorically and snarkily*).

Anyways, for a feather update: I got a mallard duck tail feather the other day when I picked up my glasses. I convinced them I had food with a napkin, quacking to get their attention. They were cute as they stumbled and flopped in the water, gliding clumsily to me to try and devour the napkin and bread scraps. A little sense of my childhood was regained.

I’m also really glad that I am in a creative writing class this semester; perhaps I’ll keep you guys updated about it. Currently, we’re writing lists and short-shorts based on those lists. An example are secret worlds (like Seat 19 and my bedroom window at midnight), to childhood memories that define the “movie of my life”. Creative writing is all about images, not thought. My blog bounces back and forth between that. I know it focuses on retelling of my life, as well as my thoughts. However, I try to insert imagery here are there.

Until next time, whether that’s back on the scheduled Fridays or when I find the dang time to write on this blog! Happy reading everyone and have a wonderful day. Chao 🙂