So…I’ve been on a hiatus.

Joined a writing group at my university. Student Writer’s Union, aka SWU. I’ve been doing better, slowly but surely. I have a few circles of friends, which I am so thankful for. Been able to get a support group, find people who are deep thinkers, and have a passion for words. Logoleptics 🙂 Romantic situation for myself has changed, but to be honest, it has been for the better by a longshot.

Feathers. Oh my gosh feathers. They’ve been everywhere. I’ve seen a flock of white doves for the second time this semester; their white feathers have been around the university’s library, where I am at most of the time.

I am participating in NaNoWriMo. Write a novel in a month. I’m more of a poet, so word count never intrigued me. However, I’m gonna try to write 1000 words a night. That’ll only be a little over half the 50,000 words that the main goal is, but one thing at a time. If you want to participate, here’s a link to their website:http://nanowrimo.org

Here’s an except of what I have: ”

God must be a painter. He had to have glossed the leaves orange, red, and yellow in autumn as a reminder of warmth for ourselves to linger on to in the cold winter days ahead.”

Again, I apologize for my hiatus. Hopefully I can get back on a weekly basis.

Stay strong and carry on, everyone. 🙂 Chao!