Hark! The Herald Students Sing!


Hark! The Herald Students Sing, we’re almost done, with this school thing! Peace on earth, and mercy mild, all the grades be reconciled. Joyful, all colleges rise, finals are their own demise.

Finals are nearly done…can you tell I’m a college student by how loopy those lyrics sound?
Anyways, for any of you students out there reading this…breathe. It’s nearly over. Eggnog, sleeping in, and Santa gifts await thee who are patient and strong-willed. As for me, I’m looking forward to Thanks-Taking later this week with my friends…essentially, we are going to have a holiday party together to end this year on a good note.

Because this year needs to have one really good note, my goodness.

Anyways, feathers…I still see them now and then. Not as common (no duh since the birds have migrated) in this season, but they appear when I need them most.

Anyways, I should probably get back to studying. One thing I have definitely been doing is making haikus. One of them being:

Ice showers, hot rain,
Neither matter to me now,
Either way I’ll drown.

…That sounded much more depressing than I need to. I leave you with a happier haiku. Chao! 🙂

Careful meter and spilled ink
Dripped from my parched tongue.


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