Coming Back to the Source


Hello there. It’s been a while. Too long, for my taste.

I won’t offer an excuse because I don’t have one. Granted, I posted on my other blog “Lauren, A Lifetime Learner” simply because it was mandatory at the time. But now, I’m not sure which blog will continue moving forward. Both? Neither? Only time will tell.

To be honest, blogging seems…arbitrary. Capricious, even. Blogging only suits my needs in the sense that I let my words spill onto electronic paper, open for criticism and pondering by complete strangers. What’s the benefit from this interaction?

The benefit is self-reflection, both upon the reader and the writer. Granted, I could name several writers and professors who claim that writing should not be focused on the writer; but if we cannot express ourselves in our writing, then how is writing “creative”? If we are only the speakers of the stories that pour out of us, then it would almost seem mechanical to me. We live in a mechanical, predictable world already. Writing should be about spicing up my life, and my reader’s life. I myself want to be as surprised as those who read the diction upon which I create. I’m grateful for being left-handed, because it means my brain’s right hemisphere is dominant. The creative side is my solace.

And now, a turn.

I have found Twitch to become a solace for me lately after my closing shifts for my new job. (Don’t worry, I still have my university job too.) On streams, the host doesn’t have time to refine themselves; they must act within the moment in order to keep their viewers, so being genuine triumphs over professionalism at times. I have found two amazing streamers in the past two weeks, both whom I’d say are classy and interactive with their respective communities. I even got to talk about haikus with them and their audience as they were playing games. Twitch is about being human, surrounded by technology and not letting boundaries such as class, creed, distance, or other means to stop at least two complete strangers to share a moment together.

That is what I want to do with my writing.


The World Turns


A new year begins.

It’s been a mild one, in the sense that there hasn’t been freezing temperatures, or major snow. And yes, to one person out there, I think of you when it snows, too.

But it’s rough in other terms, as I pass by dates that meant so much to me a year ago…it’s funny how a collection of so many days, say, 365 days, can make a world of difference.

I want everyone to know something. That mental, as well as emotional, issues count as medical issues. They aren’t something for the “weak”, or something made up. It sickens me when people say that, even more so when it’s spoken to me in front of my face.

Sure, I’ll put a brave face on, and try to explain how they could be wrong. But it’s a mask to hide the hurt.

On a brighter note, I start my field experience next week. That means I get to start having a hands-on experience at a high school for my future career as an educator; I’ll get to tutor at an after-school program.

I leave you with a haiku:

World turning slowly
When the moon hugs the sky’s curves
As sleep evades me.

Chao, everyone. 🙂